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Frequently Asked Questions

Department of Veterans Affairs Website

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The VA has toll free numbers for the convenience of veterans and dependents. 

Benefits Information 1-800-827-1000
Life Insurance 1-800-669-8477
Debt Management 1-800-827-0648
Mammography Hotline 1-888-492-7844
Tele. Dev. for Deaf (TDD) 1-800-829-4833
CHAMPVA 1-800-733-8387
Headstones/Markers 1-800-697-6947
Gulf War Helpline 1-800-749-8387
Sexual Trauma Hotline 1-800-827-1000

What is the difference between disability compensation and disability benefits?

Disability Compensation: A monthly monetary benefit paid to veterans who are disabled by injury or disease incurred in or aggravated during military service. Disability Pension: A monetary benefit paid to veterans of a period of war who are permanently and totally disabled for reasons not the result of their own willful misconduct and not related to their military service. This benefit is income-dependent.

What are the types of VA claims

There are Four Types of claims:
1. Original Claim: The very first claim for disability benefits compensation or pension) filed by a veteran. All original claims must be filed on VA Form 21-526.

2. Claim for increase: A claim for increased compensation for a disability already found to be service-connected.

3. New Claim: A claim for compensation for a disability not part of the original claim. Also known as a supplemental claim.

4. Reopened Claim: A claim asking for reconsideration of an issue previously considered and finally disallowed by VA (after more than one year has passed). The type of claim determines how much development is required by VA and/or the nature of the supporting evidence the veteran must submit in support of the claim. The processing time for a claim varies depending on the type of claim and the supporting evidence provided by the veteran.

How do I get a VA Home Loan?

There are 5 steps to get a VA Loan:
1. Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility. A Veteran who doesn't have a certificate can obtain one by filling out and sending the VA Form 26-1880, Request for Determination of Eligibility and Available Loan Guaranty Entitlement, to the local VA office.

VET Service Center
801 Nolana Loop
Suite 801
McAllen, Texas 78501